8 Days Perfumer Making Foundation

Did the Introduction to Perfume Making Class and would like to learn more about Perfumery? Intrigued on how Perfumery has played it roles in history?

(Please note that you have to take the Introduction to Perfumer Making Class before you can sign up for this)

This Perfumery Course is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of the fragrance industry and how you can start selling your own branded creations. Perfume has often been described as 'Liquid Emotion'. Learn how different scents affect the way that we feel and how they can enhance your wellbeing.

After this course, you can use your new perfume making skills to start your own business selling your own unique scents or even make it as a gift for a special occasion. By signing up this course, you will be given FREE 3 months consultation with our in-house Perfumer for your new perfume.

What you’ll learn
  • History of perfumery
  • Learning perfume structure
  • Understanding fragrance family & materials used.
  • Application of perfume.
  • How to smell and evaluate raw materials and perfume.
  • Safety and tips on using raw materials.  
  • Advance steps in creating your own perfume (Practical).
  • How to brand & package perfume.
  • Understanding the current perfume industry

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