About Us

Perfumer’s Lab & Academy Sdn Bhd (PLA) mission is to put South East Asia on the map for producing perfumes. Many materials originate from this part of the world, this will help to reduce the carbon footprint of all these materials needing to be transported elsewhere to be processed.

As the public is getting more eco-sensitive and opt for more natural products, PLA is determined to bring high quality natural products to the public to fulfill the market demand.

PLA’s vision is to produce all the fragrances that is being used in the products daily. Our co-founder is a perfumer at heart and resolved to promote perfumery as an art form to be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Moreover, together with our associate companies, we are determined to introduce the benefits of Oud/Agarwood to the public. Our products are 100% made from pure and sustainable Agarwood which you can sure that all our products are natural. Agarwood is recognized as the Top 10 most expensive ingredient for perfume, most of the luxury notable perfume brand and perfume houses use Agarwood for their premium perfume.

As it is a protected species, our professional and experienced staffs work diligently towards cultivating sustainable Agarwood. We believe that the benefit of Agarwood outweighs its cost. With the unique scent of Agarwood, we sure you will fall in love with our product at first sight.

Feel free to contact us and let us assist you to create your own signature fragrance!

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